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News article on 28/04/2021 by: DC Ltd

Video Tour of Vagabond Showroom in Petworth

We popped in on the spur of the moment to Vagabond's new Showroom in Petworth yesterday and couldn't resist taking a short video as there was so many fabulous tempting pieces. Quite a lot of it is actually sold, which is great to see and unsurprising, but there are still some super items remaining and, you heard it here first, a number of new items due this week. 

Joe Chaffer is the owner of Vagabond and I know we're biased, but he really is a lovely young man with a such a selective eye for quality and unusual pieces and his thirst for knowledgeable about the items he buys, never ceases to amaze and impress us. He works incredibly hard and with a young family, a new showroom and the bar he sets himself to meet all the time, that's no mean feat and we can't recommend Joe highly enough and he's certainly getting noticed by many a great garden and interior designer and we hope we have helped him in some small way by his being part of the Decorative Collective.

As you will garner from the pictures, he sells an array of fine garden and architectural antiques, complimented by decorative furniture, lighting, mirrors and paintings.

Joe's shop can be found in the delightful old town of Petworth, West Sussex. His website address is and his Instagram @vagabondantiques.

Check out the video we took of the showroom by click on the video icon below the pictures or find it on our Instagram page @decorative_collective.

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