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News article on 29/05/2020 by: Decorative Collective

How to Refresh Old Product Listings to Make Them Sell

If you’re searching for tips to make your items sell online, you may initially dismiss the idea of refreshing your product listings to improve the possibility of items selling. It can seem like a lot of work, but if items aren’t selling, you need to look critically at the reasons why that might be so and what you can do to make those listings more appealing.

So, if you’re looking at how to optimise product listing pages and freshen up product content, we’ve got five top tips to help. Combine these techniques for the best results.


1. New Photography

It’s a fact of online life that imagery sells, and this is especially true when you’re trying to sell a product. If that item doesn’t look the best it can be, viewers will skim over it and look elsewhere. A great option to help freshen up product content is to take better photos to put on your product listing pages.

Potential buyers like to get as up close and personal to an item, and the best way you can facilitate this is through lifestyle shots of the item in a typical setting and a focus on close-up details. Always try to use natural light to showcase your item to the best of its potential and hire an expert if this is beyond your comfort zone. There’s more information about how to take professional photos of antiques while on a budget in this post.


2. Update the Description

Also central to our top tips to make your items sell online is the product’s description. When you combine excellent photos with an engaging description, you’re far more likely to grab the attention of a potential buyer.

It’s true that some people aren’t comfortable with the prospect of writing engaging copy, but there are plenty of avenues to consider when you’re selling antiques or vintage items. If you know the history of an item, draw attention to it or focus on what the item would originally have been used for. Start with a list of bullet points that you think the average customer would be attracted by and create a description that’s engaging, fun and descriptive. We’ve got more tips on writing product descriptions that sell in this post.


3. Lower the Price

This might not be high on your agenda, but it’s an unavoidable fact that lowering the price of an item can work as well as any other actions you take to optimise product listing pages. With any financial choice, it’s important to weigh up the original cost of the item to you and what the lowest price you could feasibly sell it would be. You don’t have to race to the bottom straight away – think about incrementally lowering the price to see if it nudges buyers into action.

As irritating as it can be when you don’t receive what you feel is a good price for an item, it’s useful to remember that a difficult item is better out of your way than taking up vital storage space.


4. Think About Having a Sale

This ties in nicely with the idea of lowering prices, and it can be a good way of testing what types of items are selling at which price points. A sale naturally grabs people’s attention and running one is a good reason to contact your previous buyers by email or across social media to remind them you exist and that you have these items available at great prices.

If you’ve worked to freshen up product content by taking new photos and editing the product description, lowering the price in a flash sale can be the final step towards getting the item sold.


5. Get the Listing in Front of More Eyes

For those occasions where you’ve taken all the above steps and the item still hasn’t sold, the answer is usually that you need more people to see the listing. Marketing an item specifically by making it the featured listing on your website or marketing platform can draw attention to it, as could a social media or newsletter push towards that particular listing.

If the item has been languishing unseen at the bottom of your listings, this could be the push it needs to sell but, again, remembering to check what a product’s worth to you in comparison to the time you’re spending trying to sell it.


Bonus Tip!

Sometimes you can optimise product listing pages and work hard to freshen up product content, yet an item still doesn’t sell because it doesn’t appeal to your audience. If this is the case, think about selling it on to another dealer while still making a marginal profit on it – they may be chomping at the bit because they know one of their customers will snap it up.


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