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Must-Watch Antique TV Shows

If you’re interested in antiques, you don’t have to go very far to get your fix of antiques and collectables drama. These shows give you an opportunity to see antique dealers on TV, to watch how they work and to learn from them.

Whether you have a passion for old jewellery, art deco lamps or antique furniture, TV is a good place to learn about your interests. There are plenty of antique television shows to watch, giving you inspiration for your own antique adventures, but which are the best UK antique shows around? We’ve rounded up our top five for you here.

UK's Favourite Antique Programmes


Antiques Roadshow

It might be the oldest programme on our list, but this perennial favourite shows no sign of relinquishing its crown as one of the UK’s top antique shows. It works by inviting members of the public to have their antiques appraised by experts, travelling to different parts of the country with every episode. Listening to experts explain why some items are valuable and some aren’t is an excellent course in antiques for budding collectors, but it’s also informative for more experienced collectors as there’s something new every episode. As it’s been running since 1979, it’s obviously a great formula and is currently hosted by Fiona Bruce.


Bargain Hunt

One of the longstanding daytime TV jewels, Bargain Hunt was first shown in 2000 and is now hosted by a range of experts. Two teams of two amateur antique collectors are met at one of the numerous antiques fairs that take place around the UK and compete to find a bargain that will make the most at auction. Each team is given £300 and they take home any profit they make from their bargain hunting. As of 2019, there have been over 50 series of this one, so this show is definitely here to stay!


Flog It!

If you’re looking for more antique TV shows to watch that are based on the successful format of Antiques Roadshow, look no further than Flog It!. Members of the public again bring their antiques to be valued by experts, although Flog It! takes it one step further and offers the opportunity to sell those antiques at auction. While there are plenty of episodes of Flog It! in the archives, the BBC axed the programme in 2018 following 17 years and 1,000 episodes.


Salvage Hunters

Modern-day treasure hunter Drew Pritchard is the host of this programme (the items he finds are arguably the stars), first broadcast in 2011. It’s become one of the top antique shows as not only does Pritchard travel across the UK and beyond to find antiques, it also shows the haggling and restoration and selling process. As an antique restoration TV show, UK viewers love Salvage Hunters.  It’s one of the best antique television shows to watch if you want to get a real idea of how to buy and sell antiques, plus he happens to sell his finds on Decorative Collective – that’s an endorsement if ever we heard one!


Dickinson’s Real Deal

The original host of Bargain Hunt, David Dickinson switched from the BBC to ITV to present Dickinson’s Real Deal. Again, it follows the format of one of the all-time top antique shows by inviting members of the public to have their antiques and collectables valued. It deviates from the Antiques Roadshow format by having a dealer try to purchase items with a cash offer and, if that isn’t successful, the items go to auction. It’s a nice variation on the trusted formula offered by some of the best UK antique shows.


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