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News article on 05/11/2018 by: RETROUVIUS

RETROUVIUS launch new website

RETROUVIUS have been a member of the Decorative Collective since 2010, so joined not long after we started in 2009 and they have just launched their new website at  We have always been a big fan of this company for many reasons.  The sheer divergence of the items they offer for sale and the affordability of their products, but also because although not what you would call traditional 'antique' dealers, nor traditional 'decorative' dealers, they belong as much to both descriptions as anyone else.  Many of their items are antique and many are decorative, but much of their stock is salvaged or created from salvage and has been rescued from demolition or the skip.

Whilst Adam and Maria have not been alone in wanting to save the past for the present, they have continued to be champions of this cause and bring a design eye to it's re-use, re-invention and re-application over the last 25 years. They have lived and breathed architectural and salvage, they live with it in their home, they seek it out every day and it is because of talented and forward thinking artisans like themselves, that the world of recycling became a byword long before you and I started to appreciate it's value. Though of course, every antique dealer understands that there is no better way to recycle then buying antique pieces and no better way to express your individuality.

Author: Jane Walton, DC

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