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News article on 14/11/2018 by: RIVER AND JONES

On the road with River and Jones

The birth of River and Jones, stemmed from our love of exploration, adventure, and our curiosity about the world and its many cultures. Recreating this 'sense of adventure' in the home, and finding rustic and interesting furniture and interiors has always been our goal, however it is always a bit of a challenge with four young children, trying to juggle stock hunting and deliveries, with school runs and sleepovers. Adventure; the inspiration for River and Jones, seemed to be the one thing the business ironically lacked, something our lives were beginning to lack, and something that our children had not even experienced yet. River and Jones was slowly starting to feel inauthentic, as if we were trying to create and 'sell' an idea, rather that something we ourselves believed in. The more inauthentic the business became, the less motivated we felt and we were beginning to lose our enthusiasm to go on buying trips and replenish stock. It just didn't feel right, regularly going away for days on end, leaving the children behind; but finding inspiration within a 100miles radius to be back in time for the school pick up, was restricting the growth and evolution of River and Jones; something had to change! So after a well lubricated look at our strengths and weaknesses, we realised that River and Jones wasn't just about adventure, but our real inspiration came from our children; our children were one of our strengths, but not being able to take them with us, was our weakness; and that is what needed to change! The only way we could authentically bring adventure into the business and into our lives, was to take the children with us, to explore and learn together, and pick up stock as we go. So... after recently pulling the children out of school and setting up a 'Base Camp' in Italy, I think it's safe to say we've injected some much needed excitement and enthusiasm into our lives and into the business. We don't know what we'll be doing, or where we'll be going next, or how long it will last. But for now, we're doing what we love and we're doing it together, as a family! Watch this space...

The River Jones Tribe


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