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News article on 27/11/2021 by: SEVENTEEN-TWENTYONE


The journey of our selling Exhibition of wonderful c19th and earlier terracotta vessels began over 20+ years ago...

A 4th Generation Olive Oil producer had a thing for humble storage pots. Whilst collecting olives from Farms in his surrounding hinterland, he would often be taken with the charm of their timeworn form and strike a deal with the farmers where these pots had laid for generations.

The result was an obsession and an amassed collection of some 1000+pots.

By chance connection, we happened across this collection some 9 months ago and were amazed by what we saw! Tucked away in a semi derelict cattle shed, these pots stood stacked 2-3 high, shoulder to shoulder from the back of the building to the very floor - we couldn't actually get in!

I have to point out that all of them were lovely - but out of any large selection, the beauties will shine..

The only way to access any pots that shined to my eye amongst the crowd, was to buy my route in, moving and re-stacking many pots along the way. We actually managed to reach the end of the building where Mr Olive man had not stood for over 20 years!

The one thing I have to stress about these pots is their surface and patina, they are completely untouched, uncleaned and in exactly the same condition as found in their farmhouses where they had sat for 1-200 years, accruing the colour and patina that you now see today. In many cases, the surface crust IS the COLOUR!

Predominantly from the north of Spain with some localised variations such as Calanda and Sestrica, there are also examples from Galicia and Andalusia. All have been chosen for their colour/patina/shape/scale and are aretfacts in their own right.

There are reds/blues/greens/whites and Wabi inspired dark earthy tones, along with bare terracotta - but with patina!

For those that can't visit, we have a digital catalogue and price list - please register for our mailing list at and you will automatically receive the catalogue at 3pm on Monday the 29th November.

We'll be on hand all week to provide any additional photos o short videos of any particular pot that you like.

The price is the price and it's first come, first served.

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