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A Continental 19th century finely carved oak Pixiu style form jardiniere stand, with its shaped top a possible later edition. A Chinese mythological creature, the Pixiu is a very powerful creature which is very helpful to humans. Its appearance has changed greatly over the centuries, which often gets its images confused with that of the Qilin. For the Chinese people, it is an important part of feng shui and is thought of as an auspicious creature which brings wealth to people. They are fierce creatures. They have the head of a Chinese dragon, the body of a Chinese lion, and the legs of a Qilin. Some including this example are depicted with wings. This is a female with two horns, males are depicted with a single horn.
  • Period: 1880's
    • Price: £1,475.00
    • €1,614 Euro
    • $1,931 US Dollar
  • Location: Yorkshire
    • Dimensions: H: 87cm (34.25in)
    • W: 36cm (14.17in)
    • D: 36cm (14.17in)