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Important example of a late 19th century carved and painted wood 'Jeu de Massacre' Target Head from a Fairground in France. The 'Jeu de Massacre' was a popular fairground target game throughout France where , similar to the Aunt Sally games in England and 'Punks' in America, balls were thrown to knock down the figuratively carved targets- usually prominent local or national figures, politicians, enemy leaders, or foreign or ethnic stereotypes. The wooden target heads were usually hinged on to a shelf or bar so that the impact would knock them over backwards '. The 'African Negro' head is large and has a powerful presence creating an important piece of Folk Art. It shows the markings on the flat back where it has been hinged for the knock-down game.

Measures 16 inches high x 7 wide x 5 deep. In very solid condition with various ancient knocks and imperfections that are now part of its history.. Circa 1880-1920
  • Period: 1875-1910
    • Price: £850.00
    • €940 Euro
    • $1,116 US Dollar
  • Location: London
    • Dimensions: H: 41cm (16.14in)
    • W: 17cm (6.69in)
    • D: 13cm (5.12in)