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Rare and unique wooden 'Charlie Chaplin' figure from a 'Jeu de Massacre' knock-down target game in France. Dating from the early years of the 20th century (1900 - 1930) the primitive 'folk art' figure with its big and naively carved and painted wooden head with the articulated body, was made for a traditional 'Jeu de Massacre' game, where customers would hurl wooden balls to knock down effigies of famous names of the time - most often politicians, movie stars, or national stereotypes. 'Charlot' as Chaplin was known in France was a much loved figure as elsewhere in the world but at the fairground all's fair in love and war...!

The figure measures 34" in total length, the head itself 10". In good used condition with obvious wear and imperfections from years of activity.
  • Period: Circa 1900 - 1930
    • Price: £950.00
    • €1,107 Euro
    • $1,314 US Dollar
  • Location: London
    • Dimensions: H: 34cm (13.39in)
    • W: 0cm (0.00in)
    • D: 0cm (0.00in)