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Unusual relic of 1930's China is this pair of Mirrors depicting Chinese beauties against a background illustration of a riverside scene of Shanghai. The pictures are paper prints which have been set behind shaped windows in the mirrors. I found this pair in a fleamarket in France and assume they are from the 1930's when Shanghai was a famous international city and a hub for the wealthy social set. The mirrors are very decorative and in good condition with some fading of the silvering at the edges where the mirror meets the frame.
(In fact a Chinese customer who came to my shop told me that the mirrors were advertisements for a brand of Tea, the women being famous national symbols of the day- I know no more than this !)
  • Period: 1930's
    • Price: £525.00
    • €597 Euro
    • $650 US Dollar
  • Location: London
    • Dimensions: H: 16cm (6.30in)
    • W: 22cm (8.66in)
    • D: 0cm (0.00in)