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A charming scratch-built antique scale or architectural model of a large church or cathedral organ. Constructed in mixed timbers, it was originally used as a donation box - there is a coin slot in the top and internally there is the later addition of an electrical mechanism that, when an old copper penny was dropped in, would light up a bulb above the keyboard booth. Though not working now, it would be possible to reinstate this using modern wiring.

The whole piece is in completely original and untouched condition - even the little velvet curtains are still intact. With intricately carved panels and a range of individually carved and painted organ pipes. I love the detail in the keyboard, little peddles and stops.

Surely a unique and one-off piece. English, 19th century.

H: 28cm W: 33cm D: 32cm
  • Period:
  • Reserved
  • Location: Devon
    • Dimensions: H: 28cm (11.02in)
    • W: 33cm (12.99in)
    • D: 32cm (12.60in)