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Angie Braven original oil painting on canvas "Mumbai Times" 2010. Angie studied at Hammersmith School of Art, in the sixties, spending “three exhilarating years making paintings and sculpture” These she says were great experimental times when anything seemed possible in music, the theatre and art.
Angie has always worked as a professional painter, when working as an Art Therapist with people with special learning needs, having a family, and teaching part-time at Chelsea, Ravensbourne and Hastings Art Schools. Angie has exhibited with Angela Flowers and Odette Gilbert in Cork Street, Chenil Gallery, Hastings Museum, Everard Read Gallery in Atlanta, and regularly at The Royal Academy.

Angie says her main sources of inspiration are her travels in India, Northern Africa, Spain and Greece; visually evocative writers such as Nabakov and Marquez ('the Angel and the Organ Grinder'); dreams and their echoes; her exotic seaside garden and the Fishing Beach in Hastings Old Town.
  • Period: 2010
    • Price: £1,200.00
    • €1,386 Euro
    • $1,450 US Dollar
  • Location: Sussex
    • Dimensions: H: 93cm (36.61in)
    • W: 63cm (24.80in)
    • D: 0cm (0.00in)