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An antique oticians mirror c1930s mounted on a chromed stem and supported on a heavy cast iron concave pyramidal base. A good sculptural design.
In excellent original condition all round with original black paint to the hardwood mirror frame, fittings and base ( the base in wrinkly "camera style" paint).
The mirror plate is heavy and very good quality. The fittings attaching the mirror to the stem are solid brass and allow the mirror to angle up and down and to be fixed in position (is also a slight side to side adjustment available to allow the mirror to remain perfectly vertical).
The mirror / stem can also be lowered or highered and rotated using the clamping wheel near the top of the base ( a very good and secure clamp).
Dimensions in inches/cm;
Minimum height approx 58.75"/149cm. Maximum height approx 78.75"/200cm.
Mirror is 23.25"/59.5cm wide by 22.25"/56.5cm tall.
The base is 12.25"/31cm square at the base narrowing to approx 2"/5cm.
  • Period: 1930s
    • Price: £660.00
    • €764 Euro
    • $791 US Dollar
  • Location: Lancashire