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Rare antique 19th century Hodges Geographical playing cards. A fine set of antique Hodges Geographical cards. The complete set of 52 playing cards, engraved, each with original hand-colour outline, a.e.g., together with the duty ace, 53 cards in total, housed in the original publisher’s paper covered box. 97 x 64mm (3 13/16 x 2 1/2 inches). Charles Hodges, Portman Street, London. English, circa 1828 – 1830

The suits correspond to the four continents, maps of each appear on the aces: Europe – Hearts; Asia – Diamonds; Africa – Clubs; America – Spades. The numerals cards depict maps of ten of the constituent countries. The picture cards depict: His Majesty George IV – England; Catherine II – Russia; Robespierre – France (K, Q, J of hearts); Washington – America; Neala – Canada; Telasco – Mexico (K, Q, J of spades); Kein Long – China; Statira – Persia; Hyder Ali – Mysore (K, Q, J diamonds); Saladin – Egypt; Zulema – Algiers; Moroah – Morocco (K, Q, J clubs). The suit signs are printed and hand coloured in red, blue, orange and green, the ace of spades is not marked with a suit sign (as usual), the court cards are marked top left or top right with no indication of rank except for a crown painted free-hand at the top-left of the King of spades. FREE UK DELIVERY.
  • Period: Circa 1828-1830
    • Price: £4,450.00
    • €5,136 Euro
    • $6,180 US Dollar
  • Location: Scotland
    • Dimensions: H: 9.7cm (3.82in)
    • W: 6.4cm (2.52in)
    • D: 2cm (0.79in)