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A pair of cushions handmade from an oriental gold fan (Uchiwa) and floral embroidery design vintage obi woven with real gilt and silk thread. Backed with vintage kimono silk. Mid-Showa Period. Japanese circa 1955.

Obi, meaning sash, is a belt for traditional Japanese dress generally worn as part of kimono outfits. Obis frequently carry a variety of symbols. These cushions are embroidered with golden fans (Uchiwa) and a type of Chrysanthemum known as ‘Steamed Bun’ (Manjukiku) because it resembles a puffy dessert of the same name. The fan is a symbol of prosperity and gold ones are considered to attract wealth. Chrysanthemums are an auspicious symbol of beauty, rejuvenation and longevity.
  • Period: 1955
    • Price: £295.00
    • €323 Euro
    • $386 US Dollar
  • Location: London