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A plaster model of a man on horseback. The work is believed to be a maquette by Emile-Antoine Bourdelle for his monument to General Alvear, inaugurated on Plaza Julio de Caro, Buenos Aires in 1926. Read the full article on our website:

Height: 80 cm (31.5 ")

Base: 65 x 35 cm (25.6 x 13.8 ")

A wonderfully enticing piece, deserving of thorough investigation…

The piece has undeniable similarities with the monument to Alvear in the Argentinian capital. In subject, style, form, and structure, the two sculptures are clearly closely related: the distinguished, dominating pose of the rider; the impressive musculature of the horse; the billowing cape, to name just a few of the countless similarities.

Of course, there are some differences too, most notably in size and material. On a more granular level, the general has his right hand in the air, as opposed to by his side, and the animal is represented with its foreleg tucked up against its body and its head up. But once Bourdelle’s process is understood, these differences make perfect sense…

Read the full article on our website:
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    • Price: £12,500.00
    • €14,433 Euro
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  • Location: England
    • Dimensions: H: 80cm (31.50in)
    • W: 65cm (25.59in)
    • D: 35cm (13.78in)