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About ORIGINES - Samuel Roger

ORIGINES - Samuel Roger


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Samuel Roger founded Origines in 1992 as a result of his passion for old stone. He and his team select, uncover, carry out research, restore and revive old materials.  Their items include fireplaces, cast iron and stone fountains, as well as Art Deco statues have all been unearthed, that plasterers, sculptors and restorers will return to their former glory. Origines buildings in which these and many more items can be viewed, covers a surface area of 1,100 m2 situated in an 8,000 m2 park where clients can be view, by appointment, genuine architectural and French heritage pieces.

Preciously, Origines offers the richness of the authentic. It gives new life to the witnesses of the past. It seeks and finds the rare, the dream. It conserves and restores History and the Eras. It preserves and models this unique heritage, these works of art, these antique objects, these noble materials. Age travels through time and the world. New life, new place, a land of welcome and Passion for these fireplaces in stone or in wood, flooring of a thousand charms, these garden ornaments, these objects of decoration, these new editions or antique models.

At Origines, Interior architects, international designers along with private clients can all find authoritative pieces such as a Renaissance fireplace, a Rocaille mirror or a spiral staircase mixed with large bay windows, open rooms and designer furniture. The result: a contemporary interior with a soul and housing authentic elements.

We help discerning owners of older and historic properties, who wish to renovate in the style of the period find at Origines all sorts of period and authentic pieces. We assist garden architects and designers to unearth not only cast iron statues, ornamental vases, fountains and wells but also oak, marble or terracotta flooring. Origines is also for collectors and art lovers


Origines has been a specialist over the last 24 years in the sale of architectural antiques and garden ornaments which are displayed at a permanent showroom at Richebourg and which offers a large choice of more than 200 old fireplaces, from the Gothic and Renaissance periods, from the reigns of Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI, from the Empire, Restoration and Napoleon III periods and without forgetting Art Nouveau and Art deco pieces. All types of materials have been brought together, Bourgogne stone, Charente stone, marble stone and various marbles such as white statuary stone, Carrare marble, Cherry red marble, Breche d’Alep or Sarrancolin marbles…

Sculpture & Ornaments:

Just like in a museum, time seems to have stood still on objects in order to restore them intact: basins, fountains, bowls, tables and garden benches, statues, sculptures, wood paneling, chandeliers, vases and flame pots highlighting the splendor of places. The history behind the balustrades, steps, railings and park entrances can be traced back to the Gothic age and the XIX...

Firebacks & Fireplace Accessories:

Works from Masters, Fellows, Casters Tradesmen - fireplace plaques and other fireplace accessories such as fenders and andirons reflect a level of a mastered savoir-faire; rare, but always appreciated by a wide audience.


Flooring from times gone by, polished by the passing of the years, in oak, marble or terracotta in which the most recent are a hundred years old or so. ORIGINES - Samuel Roger offers a large selection of old paving (Abbey in Bourgogne or Charente stone, Ba de Provence fixed on a mortar screed…), terracotta flooring (tiles, floor tiles, parefeuilles tiles…) and a large range of floorboards (wide planks Louis XIII, floorboards Versailles). There are so many different types of ancestral flooring for majestic interiors.

Prestige pieces or just simple curiosity, each one carries with it a little bit of history. Sometimes they reflect other cultures evoking the memory of Parisian salons or great Universal Exhibitions, being the pretext for a voyage of discovery and a trip into the works of renowned artists.

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Tel: +33 686 490 864

ORIGINES - Samuel Roger

Le four à chaux 78550 Richebourg,

78550 Richebourg,


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