Sumba pahikung cushions

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Sumba pahikung cushions

These cushions are so pretty! They are made from a vintage sarong from the island of Sumba, Indonesia. The textile is thick handwoven cotton, coloured with natural dyes and the darker yellow and green colours are added afterwards and are not in the weave, which is a delightful characteristic. Pahikung refers to the weaving technique using a supplementary warp thread for the pattern. The pattern is a classic geometric repeating gecko or lizard which would be typically worn by a woman of high social status. The ability of the lizard to shed skin and regrow body parts represents rebirth and rejuvenation.
The cushions are backed by textiles from the same sarong. There are zip fasteners and feather pads.


  • H: 41cm (16in)
  • W: 58cm (23in)


Fourth quarter 20th Century

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United Kingdom

I am inspired by the exquisite textiles designed and woven long ago by artisans often in some of the most challenging environments in the world. I love to find a new use for these textiles so that they become relevant in today’s interiors. Turning them into beautiful and unique cushions or lampshades or simply by framing them as a piece of wall art.

I particularly love the bright colours of the silk dowry textiles woven by the minority groups in South West China and the more organic raphia cloths and cotton stripweaves from the Kuba and Yoruba ethnic groups in West Africa.

My signature look mixes these bright and sophisticated silk brocades (especially the pinks!) with the contrasting rustic indigos and cottons, often embellished with embroidery or applique.

I work out of my studio in Purley, Surrey where you are very welcome by appointment to view current stock and other textiles or to discuss bespoke projects.


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