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Art Deco Wooden Fish Carving

Vjaceslav Garine, (1891-1957) was born in Russia and after being injured at the Romanian front in WWI emigrated to Greece. He studied sculpture at The Athens School of Fine Art and subsequently moved via Italy to Paris where he worked professionally until his death.

He mainly worked in wood but also in marble, copper and bronze dealing with figures and nudes as well as animals in an Art Deco style and later dealt with Russian themes. He exhibited across Europe and was a member of the group ‘La Horde de Montparnasse’.

This is a very skillfully carved example of his work depicting a large pike with stylised water and a smaller, seemingly unaware fish.

Signed on the reverse ‘V. Garine’.

It is in very good vintage condition with only minor wear and tear as can be seen from photos.

Measuring 76cm long x 7cm deep x 20cm high.
  • Period: 1920s
  • Sold
  • Location: Somerset
    • Dimensions: H: 20cm (7.87in)
    • W: 76cm (29.92in)
    • D: 20cm (7.87in)