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Antique Wooden Carving Sculpture

A wonderfully executed carving in rich detail depicting a Tengu figure.

In Japanese folklore Tengu are mischievous supernatural beings sometimes reincarnated from people who have lived a proud or arrogant life. They usually live in the woods or mountains and take on avian or animal characteristics like monkeys, crows or as in this case birds of prey.

Originating from Japan in the 19th Century from either the late Edo or early Meiji periods.

It is in very good vintage condition, there is a lovely patina and rich colour built up from age. There are a few naturally occurring cracks in the wood as you would expect from a wood carving of this period. Other than natural wear commensurate with age the are a couple of things I would point out, he is missing his original weapon in his right hand, probably a sword and at some point in its life two of the three feet have at some point detached and have been reattached.

Measuring 34cm high x 14cm wide x 12cm deep.

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  • Period:
    • Price: £480.00
    • €546 Euro
    • $595 US Dollar
  • Location: Somerset
    • Dimensions: H: 34cm (13.39in)
    • W: 14cm (5.51in)
    • D: 12cm (4.72in)