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Professor George De Goya. PhD. MA. FRSA. Born In Budapest, 1915-1992, related to the Spanish artist Goya on his mother’s side. Educated in Budapest and France where he received a degree in philosophy from the Sorbonne, Paris. Returned to Budapest to study art at the Fine Arts Academy, then continued his studies at the Academie Julienne, Paris, where he was influenced by the post impressionist artists including Picasso, Salvadore, Dali and Chagall. His motto was “history is the inevitable conveyance of great situations by great personalities.”

He came to England due to the Hungarian uprising in 1956 where he taught history of art and art appreciation.
Started receiving commissions for book and commercial illustrations in 1961.

This is an abstract composition circa 1950.

Keywords: abstract, mixed media, 20th century, composition, eye, people, stick people, brown, orange, green. blue.
  • Period: 1950s
    • Price: £1,650.00
    • €1,919 Euro
    • $1,995 US Dollar
  • Location: Hertfordshire
    • Dimensions: H: 47.4cm (18.66in)
    • W: 60.3cm (23.74in)
    • D: 3.1cm (1.22in)