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A rather wonderful early 19th century large Bezoar housed on a period but later turned brass and ebonised wood stand. The bezoar has a good colour/patina from years of being handled and touched, also a good textured surface. A Bezoar is a hard stone gradually formed from an indigestible object which has become trapped in the gastrointestinal

Bezoars had value because they were believed to have the power of a universal antidote against any poison. Tradition held that a drinking glass which contained a bezoar would neutralize any poison poured into it. The word "bezoar" comes from the Persian pad-zahr, which literally means "antidote." Used by the noble and wealthy from the 18th century.

Bezoar Measures 8 cm in diameter
Bezoar when house in stand 16.5cm in high
Stand on its own 13cm in height, diameter at base 7cm
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  • Location: England