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A wonderful collection of four framed Cyprian antiquities with hanging hooks and chains. Each antiquities is numbered and has a export licence, wax seals and small paper labels. These particular export licences are dated February/March 1937 from the Government of Cyprus, Department of Antiquities. Each licence has a small description and two are dated with 700bc and 300bc.

The items in question are a tear drop glass bottle, a clay oil lamp, miniature black and red clay jug and a small glass vessel. Each document is housed in a ebonised frame with a gilt slip, a small brass hook where the relevant antiquities hang on a small piece of brass chain. In all round great condition minor foxing to the documentation a small section of veneer missing to a outer left of one frame.
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  • Location: England
    • Dimensions: H: 42cm (16.54in)
    • W: 25.5cm (10.04in)
    • D: 0cm (0.00in)