Collection of Ten George III Enamel Patch Boxes


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Collection of Ten George III Enamel Patch Boxes

A large and decorative collection of enamel patch boxes with motifs, rhymes and riddles.

These small enamel souvenir where purchased from highly fashionable city and towns in the late 18th century, purchased as gifts and tokens to lovers. All the boxes have bright base enamels over a copper caucus with a decorative hinged white lid with interior mirrors.

Each box has age related wear, chips and cracking.

The smaller example 2.2cm in diameter, 1.9cm in height reads "My lovely fair thall be my care"
chips and losses to edge of lid, chips and losses to rim of base, never had a hinged lid or internal mirror

"withIn youll find whats fair and kind" " 4.1cm in width, 3.4cm in depth, 2.3cm in height
in all round very good condition

"Have communion with few, Be familiar with one, deal justly with all, speak evil of none " 4.3cm in width, 3.6cm in depth, 2.5cm in height, cracks and a small loss to lid bottom left, base has substantial damage and sections of loss to underside

"May charms like thine be nill my lot, and love like mine beneer forget" 4cm in width, 3.5cm in depth, 2.5cm in height , in very good condition

"my love ill treat with kisses sweet" 4.4cm in width, 3.6cm in depth, 2.6cm in height
in all round very good condition, some minor craquelure on lid

"who opens this must have a kiss" 4cm in width, 3.3cm in depth, 2.5cm in height
in fair condition, hinge has lost pin, still opens and closes fine, some minor craquelure to lid, a section of loss to base

"may charms like thine be nill my lot. And love like mine beneer forgot" 4.6cm in width, 4cm in depth, 2.9cm in height, in all round very good condition, minor craquelure to lid

"when you see pray think of me tho many miles distant be" 3.9cm in width, 3.6cm in depth, 2.3cm in height, fair condition for age, some minor chips to base, age related craquelure to lid.

"the miser opes his trunk of gold his bags falute his fryes. open this box dear maid behold what i far better prize" good condition for age, some minor chips to base, age related craquelure to lid.

"may the bosom of the BRITISH FAIR glow with the ardour of liberty and may they bestow their affection on those men only who have the virtue & courage to defend it" 5cm in width, 4cm in depth, 2.6cm in height, fair condition overall craquelure, small section of loss to lid bottom right.

Patch boxes as their name suggests were pocket sized, portable storage boxes in which an 18th century lady or Gent would carry their tiny little black face patches. These cosmetic patches were made in all sorts of shapes from velvet and other luxury fabrics that were coated in an adhesive gum. Using the internal mirror, one would apply the small patch to one's face. They really were a fashion statement for the rich and fashionable but were also a handy patch to cover blemishes and scars left by small pox and white lead face cosmetics. Apparently where you placed your patch had certain meaning. Patches could be placed on your face, neck or chest suggesting flirtation or even political allegiance.


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