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A set of three 18th century Philip Miller engravings from Abbildungen der nützlichsten, schönsten und seltensten Pflanzen welche in seinem Gärtner-Lexicon vorkommen dated 1768. Philip Miller was a Scottish author and botanist who was made head gardener of the Chelsea Physic Garden in 1722.

He gained an international reputation for the Garden, which held the largest collection of plants in Europe under his stewardship, due to his horticultural skill and botanical abilities (his experiments in 1751 were the first to demonstrate the importance of insects in pollination.) Many of the prints were engraved from drawings byRichard Lancake and two of the leading botanical artists and engravers of the period, Georg Ehret and Johann Miller.

  • Period: 1722
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  • Location: Surrey
    • Dimensions: H: 52.5cm (20.67in)
    • W: 39.5cm (15.55in)
    • D: 0cm (0.00in)