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A set of six pears by Alexandre Bivort who was a Belgian nurseryman who published two works, Album de Pomologie (1847-1851) followed by Annales de Pomologie Belge et Etrangere (1853-1860). They remain the classic reference on Belgian fruit of the era, in keeping with Bivort’s mission  to document a neglected area of botany and generate interest in the cultivation of fruit. 

These works were issued in parts by subscription over several years. In them, he depicted mainly apples and pears, but also grapes, cherries, plums and other fruits.

These beautiful prints are presented in complimentary silver gilt Italian frames which support AR70 glass which provides some protection against the damaging effect of sunlight and cuts reflection so that the image quality is vivid and uninhibited

  • Period: 1850
    • Price: £1,950.00
    • €2,220 Euro
    • $2,402 US Dollar
  • Location: Surrey
    • Dimensions: H: 52cm (20.47in)
    • W: 43cm (16.93in)
    • D: 0cm (0.00in)