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A very unusual reclaimed canopy bath, salvaged from a large private house in London. The glazed earthenware bath is made by Rufford & Co and metal components by Low & Duff Ltd, Edinburgh. Fitted with a plunger waste. This bath was previously fitted in a wet room.

Bath / Shower Functions:

Shower, Spray, Plunge and Wave.

Additional Dimensions:

Maximum height approx. 240 cm

Maximum width approx . 100 cm

Maximum depth approx. 225 cm

Bath height 68 cm

Bath width 183 cm

Bath depth 80 cm
  • Period:
  • Sold
  • Location: Worcestershire
    • Dimensions: H: 240cm (94.49in)
    • W: 100cm (39.37in)
    • D: 225cm (88.58in)