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A model of Christ's crucifixion cross, Jerusalem circa 1800, made of Olive Wood and inlaid with mother-o-pearl.
Jerusalem was a holy city from the time of Constantine the Great's adoption of Christianity. During the 14th century Franciscan monks returned to the city and from the 17th century they had began to take pecuniary advantage of this location and the influx of pilgrims, employing Syrian craftsmen to produce wooden models of the Sepulcher, crucifixion cross and other pilgrimage sites, by their own traditional methods.

  • Period:
    • Price: £1,850.00
    • €2,144 Euro
    • $2,584 US Dollar
  • Location: London
    • Dimensions: H: 19.25cm (7.58in)
    • W: 8cm (3.15in)
    • D: 0cm (0.00in)