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Early 20Th Century Lead Figure Of Mercury

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Exceptionally handsome example of lead garden statuary depicting the Roman god Mercury on associated reconstituted stone plinth. He represents financial gain, commerce, eloquence, communication, travellers, luck, trickery and thieves. Amongst other things he is also is the guide of lost souls to the after life and messenger of the gods. Standing on a globe with winged feet and helmet and in his left hand he carries a bronze Caduceus a winged staff entwined with serpents to ward of evil spirits.

This is a decorative piece which would look equally as good in a large reception or orangery as he does on the terrace or similar

Mercury 44.5” or 113 cm high 21.5” or 55 cm wide 11.5”or 29 cm deep

Base 19” or 48 cm high 16”or 40.5 square Overall height 63.5” or 161 cm

Circa early 1900s

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Berkshire, Berkshire

Item Dimensions

H: 161cm W: 55cm D: 29cm



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United Kingdom

Seller Location

Berkshire, Berkshire

Item Location

United Kingdom

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+44 (0)7792 824137