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Antique/Vintage French Grape Pickers' Hod from Avignon hand painted with Chateau Neuf Du-Pape name and crest. 

Our Grape Hods or ‘Hotte’ as they are called in France, were originally used as an integral part of the Grape Harvest at a Vineyard. The galvanised metal Hods were worn on your back to collect bunches of grapes. Today, generally grapes are picked mechanically, and around 20 years ago the use of Hods almost completely ended. 

We source these in and around the Avignon region, and as time goes on they are getting harder and harder to find. 
This specific shape is found in the Gironde region, areas such as Bezier, the Isle of Corsica and around the Mediterranean. 

Traditionally decorated with Folk Art or the vineyard Chateau names and images - they were often painted for celebration or in reverence of the local vineyard. Our Antique/Vintage French Grape Pickers' Hods generally come Gironde and date from 1880 to 1940. Featuring the Chateau Neuf Du-Pape name and crest dating back to the 14th Century when the Pope resided in Avignon. 

Now used mainly as Champagne and wine coolers, filled with ice in the Summer months - perfect at Weddings or garden parties; the other favourite all-year-round use is for dramatic and beautiful floral displays or as garden planters.

Sizes approximate.

  • Period: c.1900
  • Sold
  • Location: Yorkshire
    • Dimensions: H: 62cm (24.41in)
    • W: 60cm (23.62in)
    • D: 42cm (16.54in)