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Gothic Revival Gargoyle Hound C.1840

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An animated joyful example of all that is best of Gothic Revival church architectural art.

Drawing on Medieval influences, this endearing and beguiling lead hound was created around c.1840 as a Church gargoyle. 
He served two practical purposes: one of course, as a water spout, was to project water far away from the sides of the Church walls to avoid erosion; the other, was as a gargoyle to frighten away evil spirits and possibly the Devil himself from the ecclesiastical space. Gargoyles were placed to remind parishioners who raised their eyes to the Heavens, what beastly creatures may await them if they lived a sinful life…one has to wonder if this rather agreeable and loveable fella was probably best suited to his first role as a water spout!

It is worth noting, one of the most unusual features being his articulated pink tongue which would have clicked, clunked and rattled as water flowed from his mouth.

Now he is a fantastic beast, perfect as a work of art in your home - or perhaps suited to be reincarnated as a water feature in your garden space!

With historical repairs.

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North Yorkshire, Yorkshire

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H: 48cm W: 41cm D: 56cm


Gothic Revival

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United Kingdom

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North Yorkshire, Yorkshire

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United Kingdom

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