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An important, rare and beautiful Gothic Virgin and Child c.1500-1510 Created in the Tyrol.

Our crowned Madonna holds the naked Christ Child, life-like with fleshy rounded features. 
The Virgin is swathed in a blue robe with areas of remaining gilding, over and a soft pink belted tunic. Her hair is delicately carved with abundant locks visible around her serene face, it is covered by her gown at the back of her head surmounted by her golden crown.

The shape of her base indicates that she once stood upon a crescent moon, now worn with time.

Created from polychromed and gilded limewood.

  • Period: c.1500-1510
    • Price: £16,000.00
    • €18,408 Euro
    • $19,432 US Dollar
  • Location: Yorkshire
    • Dimensions: H: 74cm (29.13in)
    • W: 33cm (12.99in)
    • D: 24cm (9.45in)