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The very attractive and decorative brass swing frame easel backed dressing table mirror having the original mercury plate glass, now wonderfully foxed, the whole having a faux bamboo frame which is superbly patinated with verdegris and surviving from nineteenth century France.

The condition is beautifully true with the mirror frame and glass in original condition with no restoration, replacement, or repairs. The mirror swings freely and the easel stand is sturdy and she can be pivoted to the desired angle. There are areas of heavy wear and oxidisation to the brass and the plate is like a painting. It also has the advantage it can be wall hung with its integral hanging loop.

The form of the dressing table, or vanity, began to develop in the late 17th century in Europe.  Eventually, in the later 19th century, the dressing table, like other cabinet furniture, became a matching part of the bedroom suite. A tabletop mirror such as this would have performed its duties in the same way but was portable and thus of great use for any well-procured female. 

Deliciously decorative.

  • Period: c.1860-80
  • Sold
  • Location: Bedfordshire
    • Dimensions: H: 16cm (6.30in)
    • W: 12cm (4.72in)
    • D: 8.5cm (3.35in)