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A Stunning Piece of Garden Statuary Marble English 19thC In the Form of a Tree Stump with Ivy Creeping around the Trunk the piece is carved in the round from a solid piece of White Marble and would have been a companion piece for a life sized Statue for support and extra strength from a design standpoint this piece is decoratively strong enough piece to Stand alone. Having spent its life in a niche in a Kentish Manor House Garden Grotto it's has weathered differently to the back and front but could be cleaned to be uniform to all sides but we do like the honest genuine patina it has 
  • Period: 1860
    • Price: £1,450.00
    • €1,725 Euro
    • $1,886 US Dollar
  • Location: London
    • Dimensions: H: 76cm (29.92in)
    • W: 32cm (12.60in)
    • D: 30cm (11.81in)