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Heals of London 1920’s Tiered Teak Garden Table

A lovely Edwardian antique three tiered teak garden table, made by Castles Ship breakers of Baltic Wharf Westminster London for Heals of London. In excellent condition as this garden table has never been left outside. The shelves are slatted as is the top and it stands on splayed out legs. Complete with a large makers label. A lovely model and rather a rare one. Perfect for gardens, conservatories and rooms.

Height: 69cm (27.38")
Width: 76cm (30.16")
Depth: 51cm (20.24")

  • Period: Edwardian
  • Sold
  • Location: Yorkshire
    • Dimensions: H: 69cm (27.17in)
    • W: 76cm (29.92in)
    • D: 51cm (20.08in)