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17Th Century Tapestry Fragment

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Item Description

A substantial fragment of a fine 17th century tapestry.

Probably the centrepiece of an ornate frame, the panel features a cherub, muscles a-bulge in the Mannerist style, flanked by a bridled lion and a tethered eagle.

Likely commissioned to celebrate a significant marriage, the lion and eagle were long used to represent the powerful states of Austria and Spain and may relate to an alliance of the 30 Years War (1618-1648).

The ripening, realistic fruit frame the image, suggesting abundance and fertility. 

The tapestry retains its subtle, but distinct colours and despite sympathetic restoration, the images are sharp and clear.

Included in the images is a print from 1628 showing the French Cardinal Richelieu subduing the rival Empires of Spain and Austria, depicted as Eagle and Lion.

Also included is a plate from 'Theatre D'Amor' published circa 1600, which shows a lion portrayed almost identically to the one in the tapestry. The title of that print is 'Omnia Vincit Amor' - Love Conquers All.

62.5" maximum width

18.5" high

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Bridport, Dorset


17th Century

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United Kingdom

Seller Location

Bridport, Dorset

Item Location

United Kingdom

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