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19th Century Dentist Trade Sign

We share what we love, and we love this rare English antique hand painted wooden dentist trade sign, with chain & hanging hook. Dated to the early 19th Century this is clearly not the sort of trade sign that was fixed outside a shop, before the Industrial Revolution & the development of towns in the Victorian era, the majority of dentists were travelling practitioners who lived on the road & pitched a booth at regional country fairs, they lived by reputation, sufferers would wait weeks or months to have a tooth pulled by an itinerant professional skilled in their art. 

Size of inches: H 7” x W 6” x D 6” The chain hangs roughly 1 metre.

Condition: Aged - Worn

Origin: Unknown

Age: 19th century

Completely solid in structure and form, Natural aging across all surfaces with worn paint across the wooden sections and rust across the metal. We sell antique objects that have stood the test of time, in overall presentable condition, please take this into consideration when purchasing. Its exceedingly difficult to photograph all the areas, therefore we strongly suggest reviewing all the photos provided as part of this advert and proposing questions where sections are unclear or not seen to avoid disappointment.

  • Period: 1850
  • Sold
  • Location: London