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Folk Art Candelabra

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19TH Century folk art hand carved wooden candelabra  


Every now and again an item gets uncovered that is not only unusual but also quite amazing and a complete one off. This is one of those items. This late 19th Century eleven section candle holder is carved from sectioned wood. The skill and craftsmanship is quite astonishing yet naïve in construction. As you can see from the photos provided this item is attached to a brass and wooden base, each section is hand carved with twisted and knotted detail. At the base the arms have carved wooden chains looped through them and the other arms have shaped ball forms inserted into the twisted arms, its puzzling to understand how these balls were placed into the arms as there is no way of getting them out as they are twisted into the carved wood. With a circular carved ring placed in the centrally branch. Painted in yellow and red, with crisscross carved décor across all this item. One of the most unusual pieces of folk-art lighting we have had the privilege to unearth. You won’t find another.


Dimensions in inches: H 17 x D 16 x W 16

Origin: Unknown

Circa: late 19th century

Condition: Aged


Completely solid in structure and form, aged surface as shown with a deep natural patina across all areas. Loss of detail and paint, With aged repair to sections which have been joined back (the top candle holding section). The paint has flacked and discoloured due to the age of the item.


The House of Antiques sells authentic antique decorative objects, we do not refurbish or repair items unless stated or unless completely necessary to the item’s stability or longevity. These objects are old so please expect wear and tear.

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United Kingdom

Seller Location

Essex, London

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United Kingdom

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