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Indian Peasant Figures

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Rare Collection of Late 19th Century Hand Crafted Wooden Indian Peasant Figures 

We share what we love, and we love this rare collection of late 19th Century hand crafted pine Indian figures. Of various peasant forms including holy men, dancers, farmers, snake charmers and beggars. Each figure is hand carved with painted detail and clothed with cotton and linen material. Figures such as these would have been used to decorate large temple shines illustrate daily life in India, were gods would have been a central focal point not only of the shines but the Indian peoples lives. In the early 20th Century these figures would have been bought by British soldiers and settlers to bring back to the UK and other countries as souvenirs. A real museum collection as it’s rare to obtain such a large number in such good condition.

Dimensions in inches: H 8 x D 3 x W 2

Origin: North India

Circa: 1880 - 1900

Condition: Aged

Completely solid in structure and form, aged surface as shown with a deep natural patina across all areas. Loss of detail across all the figures including paint and clothing with rips and loss, with some aged repairs in the shoulders and loss of some hands and feet sections. These are old and fragile so please expect imperfect forms as we have tried to show in the photos provided.

The House of Antiques sells authentic antique decorative objects, we do not refurbish or repair items unless stated or unless completely necessary to the item’s stability or longevity. These objects are old so please expect wear and tear.

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Seller Location

Essex, London

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