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Early 20th Century Peugeot Sign. A rare piece of automotive history, made from toleware metal this hand painted sign is believed to have come from the Peugeot factory based in Paris. The direction action is part of the design, this sign dates from the 1920 and most likely would have hung in a showroom or factory setting. The sign shows text at the base, which spells Bauhaus, an art school set up by Walter Gropius, who designed many automotive logos amongst other things throughout the early 20th Century.

Size of inches approx..: H 18” x W 28” x D 0.2”

Completely solid in structure and form, however the front section of the arrow and rear are very fragile but still attached to the sign. This sign is made in 2 thin sheets of toleware metal front and rear that have come away at the edges, but still firmly together. The paint has worn due to its age and detail is missing in areas shown. The edges are also worn and bent over, Hung from a rope at present. Single sided sign that’s stood the test time, a very rare thing. This is an old item so please expect the condition to reflect this.

  • Period: 1920
  • Sold
  • Location: London