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1836 Memorandum of Epitaphs, Recipes & Potions

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A rather odd hand written journal by Jane Greenwood dated March 19th 1836. The small book contains Epitaphs from graves in Ripley church Yorkshire (see example below), Pannal church, Daned parish church Scotland and Camber church to mention a few. A short and heartfelt blurb regarding her dying husband. "Remember me as you pass by, as you are now so once was i, as i am now you must be, so prepare yourselves to follow me"

Also in detail are receipts and potions for tooth ache, "a infallible remedy against Bed Bugs" cured salmon and "Pop"

Also a naive depiction of a hangman, and a few short local observational stories one being "A copy of a Curious & Laughable Valentine"

Wrote by an old man of 70 years, addressed to miss Jay a young lady of this town 16 years of age. This comical epistle was picked up in the street near the post office light nigh, directions sending for a valentine present to prove by you my heart is wept if you would comprehend my love pray reed for right to left.

Lovely Charmin
I do not know in what words to describe the love and affection which i bear towards you, but has soon as i think of you my whole body becomes agitated and blood runs through my veins with such warmth and vigour. That i feel myself equal to any task and able to bear great bodily fatigue, at times i forget everything but thee and on Monday evening imagining i saw you down the street before me i kept my eyes fixed upon you and hurried on to overtake you but i remembered no more forthwith gazing so intently upon you i had ran against a lamp post and was piked up and taken home senseless and the other day while i was at home when any thoughts were with thee i though you thou were kind and in the midst of thee, delightful revery i shrieked out with agony for thinking of nothing but thee. I had bit the hard part of the bread and horrible to relate the last tooth that i had was left sticking in the crust of bread indeed why i too recount all the sad and heart rending disasters that have befallen me since my love has been fixed with thee, they would fill a barrel and grieve the heart of every feeling individual, now my love if you would to consent to put an end to all my troubles and accompanied me to the alter of hymns you will find me willing to oblige you and i will have accomplished the dearest wish of my heart forever.

The journal is is all round good condition for age, some minor staining a few lose pages but it appears to be complete. 19 pages in total, 16/10cm

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19th Century

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Norfolk, England

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