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A oversized late 19th Century Marionette in original untouched condition, originating from Palmero Italy.

The figure is missing both arms, its original clothing is heavily faded and worn, the head is carved softwood with remnants of its original polychrome paint remain.

The internal pine construction is simple with iron work supports, the marionette has its original rod that the puppeteer would off operated the figure from. We have removed this and placed a piece of decorative silk for hanging, the puppet will be sold with both the ribbon and rod.

What remains of the marionette is stable and sturdy, clean and oder free. The overall faded appearance give the figure a highly decorative sculptural quality.

The figure itself measures 95cm in height approx 23cm at widest point

The marionette is part of a larger collection that would have been used for the depiction of the Opera dei Pupi, a representation of Frankish romantic poems such as The Song of Roland. The figures would been shown from the sides of donkey carts decorated with intricate, painted scenes. Today, there are only a few troupes that maintain the tradition. They often perform for tourists. However, there are no longer the great historical families of marionnettists, such as the Greco of Palermo, the Canino of Cinisi and Alcamowe. We have shown the collection within the later photographs all of which are available.

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