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This beautifully made table is raised on turned legs with brass cup castors, the front has 3 drawers, the bottom is in fact part of the work box, the middle drawer is lined in pencil cedar and the top drawer is a dummy and forms part of the interior which, once the top is raised, reveals an adjustable leather writing surface, various compartments and ink wells. The top is in quartered birds-eye maple, banded in mahogany, ebony and brass and has a central patera depicting 2 birds and a dog. The table is in very good and original condition. 780mm high, 530mm wide and 410mm deep. Circa 1825
  • Period: Circa 1825
  • Sold
  • Location: Kent
    • Dimensions: H: 78cm (30.71in)
    • W: 53cm (20.87in)
    • D: 41cm (16.14in)