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18Th Century Ducks - A Gallery Wall

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Item Description

This gallery wall of ducks consists of 4 Nozeman and 4 Martinet engravings.

- The Nozeman engravings are a rare set of 4 copperplate engravings from “Nederlandsche Vogelen “ by Cornelius Nozeman and Christiaan Sepp published in Amsterdam from 1770. Hand coloured at the time of publication. These engravings rank among the most beautiful and sought after engravings ever produced.

Landscape ducks 51cm H x 60.5cm W
Portrait ducks. 60.5cm H x 51cm W

- The Martinet engravings are a set of 4 beautiful hand coloured copper plate engravings from '1770- 1786 Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux' Paris Imprimerie Royale by Le Comte de Buffon Georges- Louis Marie Leclerc.
The engravings are by Francois Nicholas Martinet (1725-1804) the foremost bird artist of the period, engraver and artist to the French Court.

Martinet ducks 41.5cm H x 36cm W

The wall coverage is approximately 1.8m W x 1.1m H if displayed as per the thumbnail photograph. Will sell Nozemans as pairs and Martinets as a set of four. Please enquire.

These beautiful engravings are presented in complimentary frames which support AR70 glass which provides some protection against the damaging effect of sunlight and cuts reflection so that the image quality is vivid and uninhibited.

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H: 51cm W: 60.5cm



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United Kingdom

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Surrey, Surrey

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United Kingdom

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