Selling FAQ's

Selling FAQ's

The Decorative Collective is a global online marketplace for dealers selling antique, mid-century modern, 20th and 21st Century items for the home and garden.  Only pieces of high quality which are in very good saleable condition are allowed on the site. We do not accept modern reproductions or items in a poor state.  We do allow some pieces that may require some small amount of restoration, as well as items for re-upholstery, but this must be noted in the description and they must be presentable.

We have a select range of 21st Century items of high quality and design on the DC and it is an area that we are keen to expand upon.

We are sorry, but we do not sell, provide advice on or give valuations on items owned by non-members or private clients.

How does it work?

Upon joining the DC, Members are provided with their own login, giving them 24 hour access to manage the site themselves.

This allows each member's individuality and style to come through, and the flexibility to be involved at times that suit them.

Members load their own items and deal with enquiries from clients that are made via the site using the online enquiry form.

How often and how much can be put on?

Members can add items as and when they wish, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

There is no limit overall as to how many items dealers can upload to the DC, but we ask that no more then say 5 items are loaded at any one time, ie morning and/or afternoon.  There is a delay function so if you want to go in once a week, you can set your items to show over that period, or longer.   This is so that everyone gets a chance to be seen, rather then a few dealers having an overbearing presence on the site and to give smaller dealers as good a chance as the larger ones.

Does the DC charge any commision?

The DC does not charge commission on sales.

Members pay a monthly membership fee, which includes a yearly marketing levy.

How do clients view my items

Members items are shown on the Latest Items pages, various category pages, sold pages and will sometimes be included in the weekly Newsletter.  We also use members photos in our advertising.  Good quality stock pictures are included on the homepage carousels.

Members have their own pages where all the items they have on the site at any one time are shown together, effectively creating your own mini-website.

Members items and blogs will also appear on the DC's various social media pages.

What is Latest Items page

The Latest Items page shows all new items added in the order they are uploaded and in real time.


Members are able to post their own blogs on the DC site.

Blogs are great for SEO purposes and are a good way of keeping clients up-to-date with their news and promoting their businesses.


Another way in which we promote Members items for sale, is in our weekly Newsletter, which includes some of the latest items added to the site, our news and information.

What does Membership cost

Information regarding our current fees, is only supplied to those who make an application for Membership of the DC, which you can do by clicking here.  Alternatively please email us here, attaching some jpeg examples of the type of things you sell and letting us know about you / your business.

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