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Apart from the fact we're a very friendly company, who work hard on your behalf, what are the advantages of being a DC Seller.


It is not a requirement to have your own site, though we advise you do.  If you have invested in one, then you'll want to keep increasing the traffic to it and that means getting yourself known to as many clients as possible, which is where we can help.

If you don't have a website, then we can be your presence on the Net and with your own login and Storefront, you'll feel like you have a site of your own.


Through modern website, SEO, enquiries, sales, use of the on-site blog, our social media, our weekly Newsletter and other promotional material, you have the opportunity to continually build up your client base, which is the lifeblood of any business. You may also make other very useful contacts, eg people who may want to sell to you, getting clients to visit your physical space if you have one, building up your sources, which are all just as important as selling.


Perhaps because we are a British company, we prefer the understated approach, so we don't use exaggerated wording or make promises we can't keep, but what we can tell you is that many of our members have remained with us for a long time, that the site continues to grow in popularity with clients all over the world, and we are committed to helping you and your business grow.


We are not for everyone and nor is everyone for us. We do not accept all applications made to the DC, not because there is necessarily anything wrong with a business, but because we have to believe that they are right for us and we are right for them, and sometimes we have to be honest and say No.


We are determined to be the best we can be and are committed to helping all our Sellers grow their businesses and their presence on the net through the DC. We continue to invest, both through technology and other means, and always at the forefront is how anything we do will benefit our Sellers and our clients use of this site.

Our aim is not to be the biggest, but among the best, so that the DC becomes even more well known and more well loved in as many parts of the world as we can reach.