Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


The items posted to this website are added by the Members themselves. The descriptions, pictures and any information provided by them is solely their responsibility. They have sight and knowledge of the items that the Decorative Collective Ltd does not. Whilst we try to vet as much as possible via the content they upload to the DC, we do not have access to each item and can only vet stock using the details provided by them and so cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies.

We advise clients to ask for detailed condition reports prior to purchase and for any attributions to be added to their invoice.

We only accept experienced, professional dealers onto the DC and therefore put our trust in them to provide accurate and honest descriptions.


The Decorative Collective Ltd (incorporating the Decorative Collective and The Hoarde websites) acts solely as the introductory agent between Member and Client. It is the responsibility of the Member or Business to satisfy a client as to the proper description, price and condition of an item or service, and to provide the client with an invoice confirming the actual price to be paid and what is and is not included within the stated price.


Payment of all items or services from one of our Members, is solely between the two parties and the DC will not become involved in any disputes. The DC Ltd does not charge it's Members any commission fees.


The Decorative Collective Ltd cannot be held responsible in the event of any problem arising between a member and a client, though we will of course assist either party where we can if all attempts to reach agreement cannot be made, but in a voluntary advisory capacity only.


We cannot advise clients as to the value, accuracy or condition of an item whether prior to, or post purchase.  We do not provide valuations on clients own items, nor sell items on their behalf.

Whilst we attempt to vet stock as much as possible for any obvious discrepancies, it is the responsibility of the Purchaser to satisfy themselves before they purchase an item as to the condition, description, value and authenticity of each piece.

We advise clients to  request a condition report and to agree exactly what is included within the purchase price before finally agreeing to purchase an item, including any transportation costs.

Prices are shown in £, Euros and $.  The Euros and $ are meant as a guide only as currencies and exchange rates fluctuate throughout each day.  Clients are advised to check with their own bank or credit card provider what they may actually pay and be charged.  You should also check with the Member what additional charges may be incurred if paying by credit card and exactly what forms of payment they do accept and what their returns and refunds policy is.

You can view each individual Member's own terms and conditions on their Storefront page, where they have provided such.

Our preferred means of communication with Clients is by email, using the Contact form on this site, but you are welcome to contact Jane should you need to by telephone.

PLEASE NOTE: We never share or sell any of our client's information with any other person or company.

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