Login / Register Sellers Clients

Creating a CLIENT ACCOUNT is easy. At the top of any page, click on CLIENTS (top right), scroll down to below the text field boxes and click on REGISTER YOUR ACCOUNT TODAY. Fill in your name and password and click on REGISTER. Once you have created your account, you thereafter just click on CLIENTS and fill in your email and password.

You don't need an account to shop or browse our website or to contact our Sellers, but it will enable you to save items to your account so you can refer to them later. You can create Mood Boards and follow your Favourite Sellers amongst other features. For more information on each, please see below.


How to Save your Favourite Sellers - First go to MY ACCOUNT tab of your login and on the left hand side, scroll down to EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS and select 'Yes' to be able to receive a weekly email from the DC (sent each Wednesday at 2.30pm) which will list those of your Favourite Sellers that have added new items in the past week. You then just click on one of their names and you will be taken to their Storefront showing all their items. To un-follow a Seller, just go into your client account, go to Favourite Sellers and you will see a box with Remove From Favourites. You will also see a quick link to Email them from there as well, along with a link to view their Storefront.


These are ideal for Interior Designers as it allows them to create Boards for individual projects or category items, ie chest of drawers. For private clients they are useful too, as you could create a Mood Board for each friend or family member you buy Gifts for, or Boards for each of your Rooms you may be decorating.

How to create Mood Boards - Click on the tab at the top called SAVED ITEMS. From that page click on ADD MOOD BOARD, enter the Mood Board name in the box and click on Save. You can move the order in which your Boards show by hovering over them and choosing the DRAG option and move it to where you want within the list. This is the same way you can move around the thumbnail picture of an item as well.

Each of your Saved Items will show as a thumbnail and if you hover each saved item, you will see the options available. VIEW ITEM allows you to click through and view all details (if it has been removed from the site by the Seller, then it will be removed from your Client Account). DELETE removes it from your account completely. DRAG allows you to arrange the order your pictures are shown in. ADD TO MOOD BOARD is how you add that saved item into a Mood Board (you can add a saved item to more than one Mood Board), even on mobile devices.


You can change your email and password login details.

You can choose how often you receive our Mailshots, ie, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

You will be able to read helpful MESSAGES from the DC.

You will be able to see at a glance who you are following and your saved items (see below).

If you need any help, just contact us here.