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Mid-Century Modern is a design movement initially popular between 1933 and 1965, although many homeowners appreciate the styles so much that they’re experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Mid-Century Modern design didn’t only incorporate interior design, it also influenced architecture, industrial and graphic design as creatives began to emphasise ergonomics and efficiency.

With Mid-Century Modern interior design, you’ll find simplicity and items that are functional and available to everyone rather than being elitist. While the style itself is popular, genuine Mid-Century Modern antiques can be harder to spot because of the simplicity of design. If you’re looking at a table and it claims it’s a piece of Mid-Century Modern furniture, be sure to check for any contemporary identifying features such as country of manufacture, makers badge or signs of its age.


Why is Mid-Century Modern Becoming So Popular Again?

The influences of Mid-Century Modern interiors have found themselves a new audience. For instance, the original development of the Mid-Century Modern interior design movement was partly based on the smaller living spaces required by those moving to urban areas. The parallels with our ever-decreasing living spaces is stark, so it’s no wonder that householders are looking to the past to gather some inspiration about what to do with their compact rooms.

In such a situation, thin and lightweight furniture which doesn’t seem to take up much space is ideal. Handles on cabinets and drawers are integrated to cut down on the number of snags as people walk past, and there are even Mid-Century Modern storage options to cut down on the clutter.

It all delivers a clean and sleek look without compromising on the functionality of the items.


5 Ways to Incorporate Mid-Century Modern into Your Interior Design

So, if you’ve decided that incorporating Mid-Century Modern design into your home is the way forward, what steps can you take to make that a reality?


  1. Create space for a Mid-Century Modern chair - ergonomic chairs are a cornerstone of Mid-Century Modern interior design, so adding a feature occasional chair into your living space will add to the Mid-Century modern design of a home. These chairs are strikingly simple with slimline shapes and tapered legs – they’re an excellent way of making a Mid-Century Modern statement at the same time as making sure you have somewhere comfortable to sit.

  2. Add Mid-Century Modern lighting fittings - the right light fittings are a brilliant way of stretching the space you have, making it look bigger than it is and allowing the sleek lines of the Mid-Century Modern furniture to sparkle. Lights can be used to add a little flair to an otherwise uniform space, perhaps by acting as a focal point or by altering the level of a room – it’s a common misconception that Mid-Century Modern interior design is boring, and altering the level of a room with wall lights or lamps can make all the difference to its layout.

  3. Use a Mid-Century Modern storage sideboard for display - while one of the major tenets of Mid-Century interiors is that ornamentation should be minimal, remember that you’re only being inspired by Mid-Century Modern design and not completely ruled by it. If you choose storage furniture with interesting shapes and smooth lines, you’re fulfilling the spirit of Mid-Century Modern interior design without compromising on 21st century functionality.

  4. Use Mid-Century Modern mirrors to make a space feel bigger - if one of the reasons Mid-Century Modern design is making a comeback is due to ever-decreasing living spaces, then making those spaces feel larger should be part of the design. Mirrors are a timeless and effective way of making a space feel bigger than it is, plus you can choose from a range of Mid-Century Modern mirror designs that fit with any tastes.

  5. Swap your dining table for a Mid-Century Modern design - as the focal point of many homes, the dining table represents an excellent opportunity to make a Mid-Century Modern impact right in the centre of your home. When browsing for Mid-Century Modern antiques, do your homework and ensure that you’re getting the genuine article rather than an interpretation of it. There’s plenty of room for fresh Mid-Century Modern interiors, but you want to be certain what you’re paying for.

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