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Matt Dixon owner of TallBoy Interiors, recently set up his new Homewares business called TallBoy Home with his wife Geena.

Whilst the interiors business, which sells a mixture of antique and vintage furniture and accessories for the home, along with contemporary art is flourishing, Matt was keen to take it to the next level, but he didn't simply want to expand their existing offerings, he wanted to find a way to support modern crafts people who are influenced by tradition, in the same way Matt himself is. They wanted to find artisans that produce sustainable products created to a very high standard whilst keeping true to the unique nature that Matt has built TallBoy Interiors on.

The designs shown in this blog for lamps and tables were inspired by Matt's time in Scotland many years ago, when following his first passion photography, it lead him to some truly stunning locations. The rugged landscape of Scotland is often softened by the still Lochs and vast Glenns, and also by the colours which are subtle, but strong with a real depth to them. This is reflected in the warm greens, blues, earthy terracotta, warm white and the very pretty Scottish heather colours they have chosen for this new interiors range. Each piece is hand turned and hand lacquered entirely in Yorkshire, their home county. Items are available in custom quantities and colours, which is perfect for hotels, resturants and many other commercial businesses as well as homes.

For a little bit of background, TallBoy Home was set up in September 2022. Matt actually began in business several years ago, starting at the tender age of 20. He has taught himself from the ground up and through sheer hard work and tenacity and you can click here to read the full story of Matt's success to-date.

Since the launch of the new Home range, Matt and Geena's designs have been getting a good amount of attention and the selection of items on offer is expected to expand even more with further designs and colours coming in the future. Some examples of the new items you can expect to see are serving boards that will be made from timber sourced from the famous Castle Howard Estate. Candlesticks made by an Award winning Yorkshire blacksmith and some handmade cushions.

So where can you view all of this, well on our Decorative Collective storefront here and the Hoarde Vintage here (DC's sister website), our own website - check out TallBoy Home here and TallBoy Interiors here. Both part of the same site, but it's been split to make it easier for clients to go directly to what they would like to view. The main website address for quick reference is www.tallboyinteriors.co.uk.

You can also visit the shop to see view in person a mix of both the antiques, vintage and TallBoy Homeware. Situated in a fabulous Georgian Chapel in the Yorkshire market town of Malton at Saville House, Saville Street, Malton, North Yorkshire YO17 7LL, it is open Tuesday to Friday 11am to 4pm and on Saturday 10am to 4pm. TallBoy are especially adept at assisting Interior Designers with small or large projects and can also help overseas clients complete whole containers if required. Please contact Matt with any specific requirements.

The shop was a great ambition for Matt and is a testament to his self belief and determination to grow his business to be the best it can be, whilst taking others along on the journey with him. He took it on in 2018 and with the help of the Estate, they undertook a 2 year renovation project to preserve the building and bring it back to it's former glory, He opened the doors on 29th February 2020, a mere 3 weeks before the first Covid lockdown! Though this was far from ideal, and Matt admits it was the scariest time in his business career so far, he thankfully continued to flourish and 3 years on both TallBoy Interiors and TallBoy Home are going from strength to strength. He even found time to move home and marry Geena in-between and she is now a very important part of the business and is bringing much to the Tallboy table and story.

So what can you expect to see in 2023?

For TallBoy Home:

Bringing out a comprehensive range of their own products

Develop and create a bespoke range of seating

Look out for some pop-up shops throughout the year

Subject to demand, consider opening a stand alone TallBoy Home store.

If you would like to keep up with the antics of Matt and his almost as well known Dad on their road trips, follow them on Instagram @TallBoyInteriors.